• 04:21 New ALICE COOPER - The Sound Of A

    ALICE COOPER - The Sound Of A

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    Today sees the official video premiere for Alice Cooper's "The Sound of A." The song has a special meaning; it is, in fact, the first song that Alice Cooper wrote entirely on his own back in 1967. The song was forgotten until Dennis Dunaway, the bass play

  • 02:29 New OBITUARY - Brave

    OBITUARY - Brave

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    Death metal legends OBITUARY have shared a brand new music video for "Brave", the opening track off their critically acclaimed, self-titled 10th studio album. The video, which depicts the band enjoying a day of practice and backyard shenanigans at their h

  • 44:28 New SACRED REICH - Live at Wacken Open Air 2017

    SACRED REICH - Live at Wacken Open Air 2017

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    Phoenix thrashers Sacred Reich payed Wacken a visit and made Bullhead City go party! Songs: 00:00 Ignorance 04:26 Administrative 08:52 One Nation 11:35 Violent 16:42 Crimes Against Humanity 22:19 Who's to Blame 25:53 Independent 30:53 Death Squad 35:37 Am

  • 06:27 New MONTE PITTMAN - Be Very Afraid

    MONTE PITTMAN - Be Very Afraid

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    Having released his latest full-length, Inverted Grasp of Balance, last year via Metal Blade Records, Monte Pittman is now launching a new video for the album track, "Be Very Afraid" by Travis Colbert. Catch Monte Pittman live across the USA this winter -

  • 03:46 New ANOTHER LOST YEAR - Call It Like It Is

    ANOTHER LOST YEAR - Call It Like It Is

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    Rock band Another Lost Year premiered the video for single, “Call It Like It Is”, from their upcoming album due out in 2018. The single is already gaining radio attention leaving no question on if this will be a career defining single for the

  • 06:19 New ERDVE - Prievarta (audio)

    ERDVE - Prievarta (audio)

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    Lithuania's hardcore quartet ERDVE have released a new track off their forthcoming album, 'Vaitojimas'. 'Vaitojimas' (which translates to "Shout") will be released worldwide on Feb. 9, 2018. Pre-orders for the album are available now at the Season of Mist

  • 02:46 New BLEEDING GODS - The Music (DODEKATHLON trailer #3)

    BLEEDING GODS - The Music (DODEKATHLON trailer #3)

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    Dutch epic death/black metallers BLEEDING GODS will release their upcoming concept album Dodekathlon on January 12th, 2018 via Nuclear Blast. Today, Mark Huisman (vocals) unveils more info on the inspiration of their music and how to compare Dodekathlon t

  • 08:36 New ATALA - Death's Dark Tomb (audio)

    ATALA - Death's Dark Tomb (audio)

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    Twentynine Palms, CA-based sludge/doom metal group ATALA recently announced the upcoming release of their full-length concept album, Labyrinth of Ashmedai, out January 26, 2018 via Salt of the Earth Records.The concept of Labyrinth of Ashmedai is inspired

  • 04:06 New COLD SNAP - Straight To Hell (Lyric video)

    COLD SNAP - Straight To Hell (Lyric video)

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    Croatia’s top metal band COLD SNAP are back! After a difficult lineup change, the band have teamed up with Hell Energy Drink to release a new lyric video for the song ‘Straight to Hell’. The video was directed by Dora Jovanovska, and the

  • 12:48 New ArmyOfOneTV - NARCOTIC WASTELAND (US)


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    Narcotic Wasteland frontman Dallas Toler-Wade sat down with ArmyOfOneTV on Dec 2, 2017 at Blackthorn 51. On this video the guitarist/singer discussed the recording process and current line up of their newest album 'Delirium Tremens' that was released via

  • 03:52 New SMOKING SABBATH  - Amnesia (audio)

    SMOKING SABBATH - Amnesia (audio)

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    Smoking Sabbath - Amnesiathe demon seed born in california in the 70's yearsa few puffs of amnesia wil send travels in to the space before burn it will dry smoke get in your lungs for attaking your soul and burst your eyes let burning that kush and burn a

  • 04:25 KOBRA AND THE LOTUS - Hell On Earth (Lyric Video)

    KOBRA AND THE LOTUS - Hell On Earth (Lyric Video)

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    Prevail I, the latest offering by Canada's finest metal export KOBRA AND THE LOTUS, has been successfully released in May 2017 on Napalm Records. This is a true rock juggernaut full of blistering guitars, pounding rhythms and haunting vocal melodies takin

  • 04:08 MARTY FRIEDMAN - Miracle

    MARTY FRIEDMAN - Miracle

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    Pioneer of exotic guitar MARTY FRIEDMAN released his stunning, critically-acclaimed full-length opus, Wall Of Sound, this past summer via Prosthetic Records. The album can be ordered here: MARTY FRIEDMAN has revealed a sec

  • 05:16 HAMFERD - Frosthvarv

    HAMFERD - Frosthvarv

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    Doomsters Hamferð from the Faroe Islands will release their new album, Tamsins likam, on January 12th via Metal Blade Records! Pre-orders: Roughly translated as "Body of the mist", Tamsins likam is an attempt to create th

  • 04:22 GHB - POV

    GHB - POV

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    « There was no pineapple on our Hawaïan, so we fucked him up » say the tormentors. Abducted and sequestered in a beer storage, a pizza delivery man was allegedly subjected to multiple beatings. Bound to a chair, the poor guy has successiv

  • 03:32 TETRARCH - Freak

    TETRARCH - Freak

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    One of 2017's biggest breakout metal groups, TETRARCH, have dropped a bunch of action-heavy new videos supporting the release of their latest album, Freak. Freak is available to order now via iTunes, Amazon or Google Play. Merch bundles are also available

  • 03:26 CANE HILL - Lord of Flies

    CANE HILL - Lord of Flies

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    CANE HILL today announced that they will release their second full-length, Too Far Gone, on January 19 through Rise Records. Pre-order “Too Far Gone” here: Cane Hill will return to the road this winter, embar

  • 04:41 ANGRA - Travelers Of Time (Lyric Video)

    ANGRA - Travelers Of Time (Lyric Video)

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    2018 marks the beginning of yet another era in Angra's history. At age 26, the band shows motivation and strength like never before. Not even the sometimes uncertain trajectory was able to take away the focus, determination and inspiration of the quintet

  • 02:11 AGRIMONIA - Awaken (Album Teaser)

    AGRIMONIA - Awaken (Album Teaser)

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    AGRIMONIA returns with their fourth album release, and second for Southern Lord, Awaken, now set for release through Southern Lord on January 26th. The label has issued the artwork, track listing, and a trailer for the record.Awaken arrives ten years sinc

  • 05:40 RED RAVEN DOWN - Ashes

    RED RAVEN DOWN - Ashes

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    Finnish, Seinäjoki based metalcore band Red Raven Down released a new music video 'Ashes'. The track is taken from their upcoming EP 'Phantoms' which is released December 15th 2017 by Inverse Records. EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mika Autio

  • 03:56 SANTA CRUZ - Young Blood Rising

    SANTA CRUZ - Young Blood Rising

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    The “debaucherous and flamboyant” (Rolling Stone) hard rock quartet SANTA CRUZ – whose raucous new album “Bad Blood Rising” recently debuted at #5 in their native Finland – will make their long-awaited return to America

  • 04:17 ETHEL HUNTER - Twilight Darkness

    ETHEL HUNTER - Twilight Darkness

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    On November 19th, the Brazilian group of Death Metal 'ETHEL HUNTER' released on their facebook, the official music video of the song 'Twilight Darkness' that was recorded live on 10/26/2017 at 92 Graus (Curitiba / PR).The song is part of the first EP of t

  • 05:30 JINJER - Who Is Gonna Be The One (Live)

    JINJER - Who Is Gonna Be The One (Live)

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    JINJER are widely known in the Metal scene and are mixing up everything with their fresh sound, killer live performances and energizing voice of their supreme singer Tatiana. Following the release of their Napalm Records debut "King Of Everything" and num

  • 05:23 MICHAEL SCHENKER - Warrior


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    Michael Schenker is one of the most significant rock guitarists in the history of music. He has mesmerized the rock community since the 70's with his characteristic guitar play and constructed himself a monument during his time in UFO by writing hits like

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