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  • 03:32 TETRARCH - Freak

    TETRARCH - Freak

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    One of 2017's biggest breakout metal groups, TETRARCH, have dropped a bunch of action-heavy new videos supporting the release of their latest album, Freak. Freak is available to order now via iTunes, Amazon or Google Play. Merch bundles are also available

  • 04:41 TETRARCH - Pull The Trigger (Guitar playthrough)

    TETRARCH - Pull The Trigger (Guitar playthrough)

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    To say TETRARCH have been kicking ass and taking names since the release of their brand new full-length album, Freak, would be an understatement. Upon its release in late September, Freak reached strong positions on several iTunes charts - debuting within

  • 03:55 TETRARCH - Break the Trend (audio)

    TETRARCH - Break the Trend (audio)

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    TETRARCH's new album showcases their commanding blend of intense metalcore riffage and driving drums with the dark vibes and haunting choruses of top-charting modern hard rock. The band's clear influences - ranging from bands like heavy metal giants Slipk