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  • 07:21 MINISTRY - Twilight Zone

    MINISTRY - Twilight Zone

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    MINISTRY releases a surreal and provocative new music video for the track 'Twilight Zone' from the band’s upcoming album, AmeriKKKant, due out March 9 (Nuclear Blast). Building upon the themes of the song, the 'Twilight Zone' video takes the viewer

  • 04:31 MINISTRY - Song Topics (AmeriKKKant trailer)

    MINISTRY - Song Topics (AmeriKKKant trailer)

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    At long last, the day has arrived when MINISTRY's provocateur-in-chief Al Jourgensen - never one to shy away from making political statements - can share with the world the fruits of what started as what he thought was a bad, bad dream on November 9, 2016

  • 03:10 MINISTRY - Should Trump be Impeached or Jailed? (AmeriKKKant trailer)

    MINISTRY - Should Trump be Impeached or Jailed? (AmeriKKKant trailer)

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    On November 9, 2016, Ministry's Al Jourgensen woke up feeling a little bit nauseous. "Disgusted and depressed/we know the world is just a mess/Distortion of reality/The truth is under arrest"..."This is the twilight zone." These are the words that begin "

  • 05:23 MINISTRY - Wargasm (Lyric video)

    MINISTRY - Wargasm (Lyric video)

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    Sometime MINISTRY accomplice Burton C. Bell (FEAR FACTORY) guests as a nightmarish clown on the band’s just-released video for the track 'Wargasm'. Burton provided the track's spoken word parts on the upcoming MINISTRY album AmeriKKKant, due out Mar

  • 04:36 MINISTRY - Sexual Harassment claims in the media (AmeriKKKant trailer)

    MINISTRY - Sexual Harassment claims in the media (AmeriKKKant trailer)

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    MINISTRY's Al Jourgensen talks about the recent sexual harassment claims in the media Like former U.S. Senator Al Franken, Jourgensen admits he has done things that he's not proud of. "But you grow, you learn, you listen," he says. Jourgensen has taken an

  • 03:53 MINISTRY - Antifa ( AMERIKKKANT trailer)

    MINISTRY - Antifa ( AMERIKKKANT trailer)

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    AmeriKKKant is set for a March 9 release date (Nuclear Blast worldwide).Dates for Ministry's Spring 2018 North American tour are as follows:MARCH 201822 House of Blues, Anaheim, CA23 Ventura Theatre, Ventura, CA24 Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas, NV26 Ace of Spa

  • 05:01 MINISTRY - Antifa

    MINISTRY - Antifa

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    American industrial juggernaut MINISTRY, announces its new album AmeriKKKant, the band’s first release for Nuclear Blast Records (worldwide), due out March 9, 2018. In addition, the band’s Al Jourgensen is proud to release the album’s fi