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  • 04:25 LEFUTRAY - Sound Kill

    LEFUTRAY - Sound Kill

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    ¨Sounds Kill¨ new single disc ¨OATH¨. LAST SHOW 2015. Directed and edited by Nicolas Iriarte. Assistant By Felipe Vergara and Nicolas Vergara. Iluminated by Hugo Tejo Order album at: http://www.sickbangers.cl

  • 03:31 LEFUTRAY - The World Infected

    LEFUTRAY - The World Infected

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    ¨The World Infected¨ new single disc ¨OATH¨ out September, 2015 via Sickbangers label. Directed and edited by Nicolas Iriarte. Assistant By Rodrigo Velasquez Pre order now writing and get a special price and gifts. Ord

  • 05:47 LEFUTRAY - Womb (audio)

    LEFUTRAY - Womb (audio)

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    Womb adelanto del nuevo álbum titulado Oath. Ilustrador Costin Chioreanu ( ilustrador Rumano conocido por sus trabajos con bandas como At The Gates, Arch enemy, Grave, Arcturus, entre otros).

  • 04:56 LEFUTRAY - Ascending to the sky (LYRIC VIDEO)

    LEFUTRAY - Ascending to the sky (LYRIC VIDEO)

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    Ascending to the sky - Unbalance EP 2014Directed and edited by Cesar Brizuela and Cristian OlivaresAll Rights Reserved© 2015

  • LEFUTRAY - Unbalance (Bandcamp)

    LEFUTRAY - Unbalance (Bandcamp)

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    Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Audiocustom Estudio in Santiago de Chile by Cristian

  • 05:58 LEFUTRAY - New Album (2015) (Pre-Production) Part.1

    LEFUTRAY - New Album (2015) (Pre-Production) Part.1

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    Facebook: de pre producción nuevo disco

  • 05:01 Popular LEFUTRAY - Silent Inferno

    LEFUTRAY - Silent Inferno

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    Chilean band LEFUTRAY have released the new music video 'Silent Inferno', track that has been released as single. The music video was directed/edited by Rodrigo Velasquez And Punto Sudy at The Producciones in Santiago, Chile. All the images were taken at