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  • 02:36 CONVEYER - New Low

    CONVEYER - New Low

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    CONVEYER hits 2018 with a gut-punch in the form of “New Low,” the festering new video from their latest album No Future. An ode to crashing dreams and forgotten plans of the future, the album sets the Midwest band as the modern definition of t

  • 02:17 CONVEYER - Dust (Audio)

    CONVEYER - Dust (Audio)

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    Providing raw commentary on the destructive state of the world today, CONVEYER is streaming No Future, their newest album, a day ahead of its release. With an amplified sound and in your face aggression, No Future oversteps the trends in today’s har

  • 02:13 CONVEYER - No Future

    CONVEYER - No Future

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    CONVEYER is the definition of the hardcore music genre in 2017. Their video “No Future,” the title track from their new album set for release on Victory Records on June 23 sonically and visually encapsulates what fans of the genre have been wa

  • 03:13 CONVEYER - Whetstone

    CONVEYER - Whetstone

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    CONVEYER has announced details behind their new album, No Future, set for release on Victory Records on June 23, 2017. “Our goal with No Future was to capture the energy and passion of a CONVEYER live show on record,” reveals guitarist Ty Broo