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  • 01:43 ENUMBRIA - Escoria

    ENUMBRIA - Escoria

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    ENUMBRIA Escoria Advance promo 2010 Line up: Christian Argandoña : Vox Umbrío : Drums Alvaro Fuentes: Bass Claudio Silva: Guitar more information:

  • 00:58 CHILEANMETAL: Series | Reign Of Terror

    CHILEANMETAL: Series | Reign Of Terror

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    "Reign Of Terror" is an album for collectors that contains 15 of the pioneers in Metal Music in Chile. The beginnings of the Chilean metal culture on one album available for the first time around the world.In the nineties, when death metal music was domin

  • 03:31 KICK ASS - All is War

    KICK ASS - All is War

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    KICK ASS All is War Caos Total 2010 Edited by: Jonathan Zuñiga O. ( more info: Lyrics/Letra: All is War Prometes salvación...definitiva Para la gente...tranquila Y engañar su alma...p

  • 04:53 SOULINPAIN - Vision Vacia

    SOULINPAIN - Vision Vacia

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    SOUL IN PAIN Vision Vacia El Origen del Miedo Australis Records 2010 Chile Directed by Sebastián González ( more info: http://www.australisrecords

  • 04:00 BREAKDOWN - Payback Time

    BREAKDOWN - Payback Time

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    BREAKDOWNPayback TimeMade Of Scars2011

  • 04:05 DEMENCIA - Nuclear War

    DEMENCIA - Nuclear War

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    DEMENCIANuclear WarMetal Distortion2009Iquique, ChileProfile:

  • 04:14 DEMENCIA - Agresion en Escenarios

    DEMENCIA - Agresion en Escenarios

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    DEMENCIAAgresion en EscenariosMetal Distortion2009Iquique, ChileProfile:

  • 04:09 THE FALLACY - Before We Leave

    THE FALLACY - Before We Leave

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    THE FALLACY Before We Leave Chile

  • 04:22 THE FALLACY - Dreadgaze

    THE FALLACY - Dreadgaze

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    THE FALLACY Dreadgaze Chile

  • 00:35 LEFUTRAY - Drums "Studio Report"

    LEFUTRAY - Drums "Studio Report"

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    Here some images of the Drums Recording Sessions for the new LEFUTRAY's album (no name available yet). check out LEFUTRAY's Frente Al Fin (2008) for more information visit

  • 00:35 LEFUTRAY - Bass&Guitars "Studio Report"

    LEFUTRAY - Bass&Guitars "Studio Report"

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    Here some images of the Bass&Guitars recording Sessions for the new LEFUTRAY's album (no name available yet). check out LEFUTRAY's Frente Al Fin (2008) for more information visit

  • 03:37 DEMENCIA - Dementhrash

    DEMENCIA - Dementhrash

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    Thrash Met­al band DEMENCIA (Chile) brings their first video for De­men­thrash. Their lat­est al­bum is called " Met­al Dis­tor­tion" avail­able now! more information:

  • 04:00 Popular VASTATOR - Machine Hell

    VASTATOR - Machine Hell

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    VASTATOR Machine Hell Machine Hell 2010 Second video promotional featuring the song "Machine Hell". This album is available on iTunes, Amazon and all the major online Stores. more previews go to: more info

  • 06:07 LEFUTRAY - Agreement of Suffering live

    LEFUTRAY - Agreement of Suffering live

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    LEFUTRAY Agreement of Suffering live 2011 This is a live video recorded at Babylon, This song it will be out on their upcoming CD dated by late 2011. more information:

  • 03:37 Popular DRACMA - Verte Morir

    DRACMA - Verte Morir

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    DRACMA Verte Morir Dracma 20010 Universal Latino 1. Hijo de Puta 2. A Sangre Fria 3. Como un Animal 4. El Placer del Dragon 5. Pobre Decepcion 6. Verte Morir 7. Sacramento 8. Todo Lo Que Puedo Hacer 9. No Es un Juego 10. Chilenada:

  • 03:59 UNBLESSED - Misery Torment

    UNBLESSED - Misery Torment

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    UNBLESSED Misery Torment Man has killed god 2010 Realized by Daniel Frias Performanced by Cristian Mendoza Film assistent: Erwin Vera email:

  • 03:06 NUCLEAR - Criminal Solicitation

    NUCLEAR - Criminal Solicitation

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    NUCLEAR Criminal Solicitation Jehovirus 2011 Australis Records Directed by: Punto Saudy More info about NUCLEAR: Credits: Location: Galpon Storm, Santiago de Chile. Directed by: Punkto Photography

  • 00:45 LEFUTRAY - Vocals  "Studio Report"

    LEFUTRAY - Vocals "Studio Report"

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    LEFUTRAY Vocal's reportOn this third video we have "JUAN VEJAR" on the recording sessions for the upcoming LEFUTRAY's new album.... For more information about Lefutray please visit them at: Myspace page at Facebook page at

  • 04:17 Popular THE FALLACY - Circles of Misery

    THE FALLACY - Circles of Misery

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    THE FALLACY Circles of Misery Beyond The Mist 2010 Credits: Song by The Fallacy Music&Lyrics by Marco Cusato Directed and Produced by The Fallacy - Attic Records 2011 Hair by Diego&Ruben Mondaca Website: Lyrics: "Circles of Mise

  • 04:22 Popular ABADDON - I Rule

    ABADDON - I Rule

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    ABADDON I Rule Tell to your God I have won again 2010 Myspace:

  • 03:19 VELATTORE - Recalling The Fear

    VELATTORE - Recalling The Fear

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    VELATTORE Recalling The Fear Answers 2011 Dirección: Abysmo Spring 2006, VELATTORE entered in the Valparaíso's metal scene (Chile) with its demo/ep 'Un Destino, Un Demonio', getting positives reviews from the lo

  • 03:49 VELATTORE - I Believe

    VELATTORE - I Believe

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    VELATTORE I Believe Answers 2011 Dirección: Abysmo Spring 2006, VELATTORE entered in the Valparaíso's metal scene (Chile) with its demo/ep 'Un Destino, Un Demonio', getting positives reviews from the local press

  • 05:17 Popular CRUDE BASTARD - The Crude bastard live

    CRUDE BASTARD - The Crude bastard live

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    CRUDE BASTARD The Crude bastard live Death at live DVD 2011 Myspace:

  • 05:07 Popular INFAMUS -Tus Propios Demonios

    INFAMUS -Tus Propios Demonios

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    INFAMUS Thrash Metal de Osorno, Chile 2006 - Independent The band was formed in 2006 in Osorno, Chile. This video was starring for a member of the band and it was recorded and produced by INFAMUS. Website: http://www.infam

  • 03:31 Popular PERCEPTOR - New Days... Four Walls

    PERCEPTOR - New Days... Four Walls

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    PERCEPTOR New Days... Four Walls Nightmares&Daydreams 2011 Filmed entirely on the abandon CCU plant in La Serena, Chile. Special thanks to Daniel for his performances. Myspace:

  • 02:30 Popular WARCHEST - Aftershock

    WARCHEST - Aftershock

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    WARCHEST Aftershock Aftershock 2010 | Chile Recorded/edited by Max Molina and Aldo Biggini Produced by Javier Laso Ulloa of Madness records Buy Music:

  • 04:14 WASTE OFF HUMAN - Blackest

    WASTE OFF HUMAN - Blackest

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    WASTE OFF HUMAN Blackest (Official Video)

  • 05:54 Popular ARMA MENTAL - Coronador

    ARMA MENTAL - Coronador

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    ARMA MENTAL Coronador Debate En Silencio. 2011 Dirigido por Felipe Valenzuela Q y Diego Valenzuela Q Filmado Diego Valenzuela y Osvaldo Guzmán Editado por Osvaldo Guzmán más información en: soundclo

  • 05:02 LEFUTRAY - Immersed

    LEFUTRAY - Immersed

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    (c) LEFUTRAY - Immersed (2011) Recorded by: Infiernando, Edited by: Diego Araya Band's website: Available on digital format at:

  • 07:01 GEDEON - Catarsis

    GEDEON - Catarsis

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    © GEDEON, Caratsis taken from Catarsis EP (2012) More information about the band:

  • 06:06 D1STRAUGHT - Money Equal Death

    D1STRAUGHT - Money Equal Death

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    © D1STRAUGHT, Money Equal Death taken from Money Equal Death (2012) © Copyright-Digmetalworld(885767328792) Record Label: Digmetalworld Directed by Tito Labrin FREE MUSIC AVAILABLE: Official Websit

  • 03:38 Popular WARCHEST - Contradiction

    WARCHEST - Contradiction

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    © WARCHEST, Contradiction taken from Aftershock (2011) Recorded&edited by Max Molina, Aldo Biggini and Diego Silva Produced by 100iaudiovisual Official website: Music available on Digmetalworld:

  • 03:48 Popular RECRUCIDE - Art of Crime

    RECRUCIDE - Art of Crime

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    © RECRUCIDE, Art of Crime taken from Blood Divine (2011) More info:

  • 03:50 VASTATOR - X-Terminate

    VASTATOR - X-Terminate

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    © VASTATOR, X-terminate taken from Machine Hell (2011) © DIGMETALWORLD (US) For more information visit: Listen to to Machine Hell entirely at:

  • 05:46 Popular KRUDO - Asesino

    KRUDO - Asesino

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    © KRUDO, Asesino taken from Demencial (2012) © Copyright - Krudo (885767328808) Record Label: Digmetalworld Directed and editing by Mario Ruiz Cameras by Gustavo Amaro and Mario Ruiz Produced by Krudo and ACid ReCords 'Demencial' is the debut album of the

  • 03:45 SACRAMENTO - Everything To Waste

    SACRAMENTO - Everything To Waste

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    © SACRAMENTO, Everything To Waste taken from Weight Of Sin (2011) © Copyright-Sacramento Music (SCD)(885767637092) Record Label: Mechanix Records Directed by Fernando Orellana Trincado (Aukache Films) Music Available at: Digmetalworld http://music.digmeta

  • 07:06 MASSAKRE - In Aeternum

    MASSAKRE - In Aeternum

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    MASSAKRE In Aeternum 2012 DFM Producciones 2012

  • 02:57 Popular CONFLICTED  - God Is Death

    CONFLICTED - God Is Death

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    CONFLICTED God Is Death Thrash Metal / Crossover. Chile. SickBangers Records (SB 001) Available / Disponible: 21.04.2012 Purchase Now! / Compralo Ahora! EMail:

  • 03:06 THORNAFIRE - Eclipse Nox Coagula (Malefactor Manifiesto)

    THORNAFIRE - Eclipse Nox Coagula (Malefactor Manifiesto)

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    Eclipse Nox Coagula... Refiere a los individuos que actúan como títeres sumidos en un sistema autodestructivo, malos gobiernos, ambiciones y miseria, representado metafóricamente como en términos de imagen a desastres nucleares, donde el ambiente es irres

  • 03:49 INFERIS - Lead The Chain

    INFERIS - Lead The Chain

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    Chilean power metal band INFERIS have released the music video for the track "Lead the Chain" that comes off their newest EP also called "Lead the Chain" that will be released via Digmetalworld Records for Free on June 18th, 2012. As well as physical rele

  • 02:36 Popular PRIMATE - Genetic Trades (previously unreleased)

    PRIMATE - Genetic Trades (previously unreleased)

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    © PRIMATE, Genetic Trades taken from Virusscanning (2001) "Genetic Trades" is an previously unreleased video. Find Primate on Facebook: iTunes:

  • 04:26 DISSORS - Last One

    DISSORS - Last One

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    Los Chilenos DISSORS han estrenado el nuevo video musical para la canción "Last One", que viene incluida en su álbum debut, llamado simplemente "Dissors". El video fue realizado por Sector 5 (Dirección y cámara: Cristian Medel / Edición y asistente de dir

  • 06:02 NAIOTH - Dance Of Light

    NAIOTH - Dance Of Light

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    Chilean Djent band NAIOTH have released the official music video for the track "Dance Of Light" that comes off their debut album called the same name. The video was directed by by Mauricio Duran and produced by Naioth and Tejevientos Films, featuring real

  • 02:33 NUCLEAR - Breathing Despair

    NUCLEAR - Breathing Despair

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    Chilean thrash metal band NUCLEAR has posted the official music video for "Breathing Despair", when they performed at the "Pulsar Expo 2012". The track comes off their latest album "Apatrida" released on June 25th, 2012 via Sick Bangers Distro&Label (Chil

  • 03:17 Popular RATZINGER -  King of Lava

    RATZINGER - King of Lava

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    Chilean thrash metal RATZINGER have released its second official music video for the track "King Of Lava" to support its latest album "2012". The video was directed by Claudio Araya for "Pata de Cabra Producciones" in Santiago de Chile. "2012" was recorde

  • 05:12 Popular SACRAMENTO - Purple

    SACRAMENTO - Purple

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    Chilean metal band SACRAMENTO have released the music video for the track "Purple" that comes off their latest album "Weight of Sin" released in 2011 via Mechanix Records (Sweden) and distributed in the US by Digmetalworld Records. The second official vid

  • 03:52 THORNAFIRE - Sumision

    THORNAFIRE - Sumision

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    THORNAFIRE/ SUMISIÓN/ ECLIPSE NOX COAGULA/ OFFICIAL VCLIP THORNAFIRE is: Christian Argandoña: Bass / Vocal Victor Mac-namara: Lead Guitar Larvasatanica Productiones Video Clip Staff: Dirección: Andrés Mansilla Produccion

  • 03:46 SILVERJACK - Apostando a Ganador

    SILVERJACK - Apostando a Ganador

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    Order from iTunes: Order from Digmetalworld: Chilean band SILVERJACK recently released their third album, Apostando A Ganador, via Di

  • 04:21 Popular CLEAVER - The Anger

    CLEAVER - The Anger

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    CLEAVER - The Anger - Illusion - 2013 Dirección/Dirección de fotografía: Miguel Contreras Producción: Cleaver y Artefactovisual Cámara: Ricardo Riquelme y Eduardo Bozzo Chicas: Merlina Lulu , Sandra Kälte Dunkelheit y Elizabeth Gutiérrez Vestuario: Indech

  • 06:55 DORSO - Vacalaca

    DORSO - Vacalaca

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    Facebook: Dorso es una banda chilena de metal gore y jazz fusión de larga trayectoria y mucho prestigio a nivel nacional. Exploran temáticas inspiradas en los cuentos de Lovecraft, el cine de terror y cualquier historia