• 04:56 New CABRIO - 20.000 Tons [Official Video]

    CABRIO - 20.000 Tons [Official Video]

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    La banda de thrash metal Chileno presenta oficialmente "Twenty Thousand Tons", el segundo single de su álbum debut "Devotion And Hate", el cual está disponible en CD, Vinilo y en las principales plataformas de streaming. Filmación: Voix Fotografía/Rodrigo

  • 01:48 METAL ALLEGIANCE - Mike Portnoy on drumming for Metal Allegiance (trailer #1)

    METAL ALLEGIANCE - Mike Portnoy on drumming for Metal Allegiance (trailer #1)

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    Watch as Mike Portnoy chats about drumming on Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty METAL ALLEGIANCE began as a celebration of heavy metal, powered by the almost tribal bond shared between the extreme music community’s most revered trailblazers, armed wit

  • 04:42 SOULFLY - Album Artwork (Ritual trailer #1)

    SOULFLY - Album Artwork (Ritual trailer #1)

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    Metal icons SOULFLY are set to release their devastating new album Ritual, on October 19 via Nuclear Blast. Today, the band has released the first of several album trailers. Watch guitarist/vocalist Max Cavalera discuss the exceptional album artwork to Ri

  • 01:57 TERRORIZER - Invasion (audio)

    TERRORIZER - Invasion (audio)

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    American grindcore legends TERRORIZER is currently streaming "Invasion". The tune comes by way of the band's long-anticipated new full-length, Caustic Attack, set for release via The End Records October 12th. The band's first studio offering in six years

  • 03:26 KATAKLYSM - The Resurrected (Live)

    KATAKLYSM - The Resurrected (Live)

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    The wait is over! Last week, Montréal based melodic death metallers KATAKLYSM unleash their new studio album Meditations, through Nuclear Blast Records. A gift to the fans is the bonus DVD of the new album. This live DVD was filmed in Munich, Germa

  • 07:20 CHUGGERNAUT - Stranglehold

    CHUGGERNAUT - Stranglehold

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    Hailing from Boston Massachusetts, 'regressive metal' quartetChuggernautputs a modern twist on classic riff-driven metal songwriting, blending elements of doom, thrash, groove and post-hardcore into a massive, organic sound all their own.The band are now

  • 09:47 ArmyOfOneTV - Eric Peterson TESTAMENT / DRAGONLORD (US)

    ArmyOfOneTV - Eric Peterson TESTAMENT / DRAGONLORD (US)

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    Testament's Eric Perterson spoke to ArmyOfOneTV while promoting its new Dragonlord's album 'Dominion' last week in NYC. On this video he talks about recording process for Dragonlord's new album, working with Alex Bent of Trivium, influences and musical ar

  • 04:20 LA CHINGA - Killer Wizard

    LA CHINGA - Killer Wizard

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    Beyond The Sky -- the forthcoming full-length from LA CHINGA -- will see release in September via Small Stone. For preorders go here: A hard rock power trio with psychedelic powers sitting on the world'

  • 03:45 T-MACHINES - Beholder

    T-MACHINES - Beholder

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    T-Machines project features Colombian death metalguitaristJuancho Gomez of thelegendary death metal band MASACRE.The track 'BEHOLDER' comes included on the EP called"Hybrid Killer". The video was directed byEdison Morales.

  • 05:19 VOIVOD - Obsolete Beings

    VOIVOD - Obsolete Beings

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    Canadian progressive sci-fi metal innovators VOIVOD have recently announced a release date of September 21st, 2018 for their upcoming new studio album The Wake via Century Media Records worldwide. Order now: The album&rsq

  • 05:37 DRAGONLORD - Dominion (Lyric video)

    DRAGONLORD - Dominion (Lyric video)

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    A decade after the release of Black Wings of Destiny – the most recent acclaimed full-length release by DRAGONLORD, the passion project of Testament guitarist Eric Peterson – the wait is finally over for fans of the high-fantasy symphonic blac

  • 04:52 CAVE BASTARD - Purity Through Oblivion

    CAVE BASTARD - Purity Through Oblivion

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    San Diego's extreme metal/grind quintet CAVE BASTARD - which unites ex/current members of Cattle Decapitation, Gutrot, Ritual Torture, Bridge Jumper, Temblad, and more - begins their West Coast US tour this Friday, July 27th, in support of their pulverizi

  • 04:29 THE AGONY SCENE - Ascent and Decline

    THE AGONY SCENE - Ascent and Decline

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    The Agony Scene's new album Tormentor is out now via Outerloop Records/Cooking Vinyl. The band has shared the video for "The Ascent and Decline." Buy 'Tormentor' here: THE AGONY SCENE ON TOUR:SUMMER SLAUGHTER 2018:BETWE

  • 03:56 CRUEL - Me Gustan Drogadictas (Lyric video)

    CRUEL - Me Gustan Drogadictas (Lyric video)

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    'Me Gustan Drogadictas', single del álbum 'Mecánica Orgánica' lanzado este 2018.

  • 05:09 GORE CEREMONY - Guillotina

    GORE CEREMONY - Guillotina

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    Gore Ceremony de Calbuco, Chile. Con el tema 'Guillotina' de su album 'Abismo' del 2016.

  • 05:41 EPICA - Dedicate Your Heart! (audio)

    EPICA - Dedicate Your Heart! (audio)

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    Dutch symphonic metal giants EPICA release their cover EP for the highly successful "Attack On Titan" theme songs. With their legion of fans, ‘Attack On Titan’ have conquered both the print world with over 70 million copies, and anime sector w

  • 03:49 MAD MAX - Beat Of The Heart

    MAD MAX - Beat Of The Heart

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    The first single 'Beat Of The Heart' stands out among the eleven songs on the forthcoming album 35 for a number of reasons. On one hand the track could be described as the 2018 successor of Mad Max'smost important hit 'Night Of Passion', and on the other

  • 05:02 KRISIUN - Demonic III (Lyric Video)

    KRISIUN - Demonic III (Lyric Video)

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    On September 7th, 2018, Brazilian death metal brothers KRISIUN will release the group’s eleventh studio opus, entitled “Scourge Of The Enthroned”, on Century Media Records offering an intense 38 minutes long Southern death metal storm! K

  • 04:52 ROTTING CHRIST - Pir Threontai-Remixed (Lyric video)

    ROTTING CHRIST - Pir Threontai-Remixed (Lyric video)

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    ROTTING CHRIST have released a new video clip. The release of "Pir Threontai" also comes in the wake of the veteran Greek band re-releasing their landmark 'AEALO' album on vinyl. ROTTING CHRIST Live:w/ WATAIN, PROFANATICANov. 2 Copenhagen (DK) @ Byhaven P

  • 04:01 PARASITE INC. - Once And For All

    PARASITE INC. - Once And For All

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    The German Melodic-Death-Newcomers PARASITE INC. are set to unleash their second album, Dead And Alive on August 17th, 2018 through Reaper Entertainment Europe. To celebrate the release of the new album the band confirmed an exclusive release show at the

  • 03:23 SUMISSION - Usura (Lyric video)

    SUMISSION - Usura (Lyric video)

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    Chile's SUMISSION have released the lyric video for the track 'Usura'. The video wasEdited & Developed by: PRK Design.

  • 05:30 BLEAK FLESH - The Curse of Sight (Lyric video)

    BLEAK FLESH - The Curse of Sight (Lyric video)

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    Bleak Flesh’s current songwriting approach is heavily oriented and influenced by Neoclassical Metal, Progressive and Dark Symphonic Music without leaving the electronic vintage synth trademark behind. Enjoy THE CURSE OF SIGHT, this song it'll be par

  • 03:58 EARTH ELECTRIC - The Endless Road

    EARTH ELECTRIC - The Endless Road

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    EARTH ELECTRIC, the hard rock brainchild of Norwegian guitarist Rune Eriksen (ex-MAYHEM, AURA NOIR) have released a new video for the track "The Endless Road" The video, directed by Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu (GHOST, WATAIN, MAYHEM). ARTH ELECTRIC's

  • 04:50 DORO - Lift Me Up (Lyric video)

    DORO - Lift Me Up (Lyric video)

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    DORO will once again open her treasure trove and release "Lift Me Up", the second single from their highly anticipated new album Forever Warriors, Forever United (release: August 17,2018 via Nuclear Blast). Pre-order your copy, here:

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