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  • LUCIFER'S HAMMER - Beyond the Omens (Full album)

    LUCIFER'S HAMMER - Beyond the Omens (Full album)

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    Shadow Kingdom Recordsis proud to present the debut full-length ofLucifer's Hammer,Beyond the Omens, set for international release on June 3rd.With confidence and energy bursting from every glorious note,Beyond the Omenscontinues the magic these Chileans

  • CRIMINAL - Fear Itself (Soundcloud)(Full album)

    CRIMINAL - Fear Itself (Soundcloud)(Full album)

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    Set to release their new full-length,Fear Itself, this week (March 11th) via Metal Blade Records worldwide, Anglo-Chilean thrashersCriminalare now streaming the album in its entirety online. To pre-order the record in various formats! - please visit:metal

  • CLEAVER - Hear the silence (Soundlcloud)

    CLEAVER - Hear the silence (Soundlcloud)

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    ‘Hear the silence’ is the second single released by the Chilean band CLEAVER. The upcoming album that will be introducing Carlos Cleaver as their guitarist and main vocalist will start the recording session this March, 2016. ‘Hear the si

  • CRIMINAL - Shock Doctrine (Soundcloud)

    CRIMINAL - Shock Doctrine (Soundcloud)

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    Set to release their new full-length, Fear Itself, on March 11th worldwide via Metal Blade Records, Anglo-Chilean thrashers Criminal are now premiering the album's second single, "Shock Doctrine”. Recorded at Criminal bassist Danny Biggin's HVR Stud

  • ALL ANGELS MASSACRE - Surviving The Mist (Soundcloud)

    ALL ANGELS MASSACRE - Surviving The Mist (Soundcloud)

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    'Surviving The Mist' is the third track released by the international band All Angels Massacre released via Digmetalworld Records.The track introduces its new bass player Jose Mantovani (ex-Desecrated Sphere - Brazil). The track was mixed and mastered by

  • CRIMINAL - Down Driven (Soundcloud)

    CRIMINAL - Down Driven (Soundcloud)

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    Anglo-chilean thrashers Criminal have announced their new full-length, Fear Itself, due out March 11th worldwide via Metal Blade Records! The first single, "Down Driven", can now be heard at:, where the album can also be pre-ordere

  • UDK - Becoming hate (Soundcloud)

    UDK - Becoming hate (Soundcloud)

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    Chilean band UDK have released its coming back single 'Becoming hate' recorded at 15hrz in Santiago, Chile. Its upcoming album will be released by Toxic Records in 2016.

  • PIROSAINT - New God (Full album)(Soundcloud)

    PIROSAINT - New God (Full album)(Soundcloud)

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    Buy album: Recorded and mixed by Mariano Pavez and Cristian Solis at HyT Studios on March of 1997 in Santiago, Chile. Art cover by Jose Jara, band photo by Jorge Cadenas. Originally released on cassette format via Artaria Rec

  • PIROSAINT - Infected Brutality (Full album)(Soundcloud)

    PIROSAINT - Infected Brutality (Full album)(Soundcloud)

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    Buy album:"Infected Brutality" contains Pirosaint's original demos, "Atrocity Not Condign '92" and "Infected Dreams '94" recorded originally in Santiago, Chile by Jose Luis Corral at the Rec. Studios. The album also includes