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  • 03:27 Popular SANTA MUERTE - Bajo la Sotana

    SANTA MUERTE - Bajo la Sotana

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    Facebook: SANTA MUERTE - Santa Muerte (Ep 2013), can be downloaded at this location for FREE or Santa Muerte is: Andre Arancibia "Guit

  • 05:14 Popular LEFUTRAY - Screaming In Silence

    LEFUTRAY - Screaming In Silence

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    Facebook: LEFUTRAY - Sicreaming in silence taken from "Last Breath" (2011) Available on iTunes: Digmetalworld:

  • 04:17 HUINCA - Orias - Digmetalworld

    HUINCA - Orias - Digmetalworld

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    Facebook: Buy music at: iTunes: Digmetalworld: SeeOfSound:

  • 04:53 Popular NAIOTH - Mental Walls

    NAIOTH - Mental Walls

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    Chilean Djent band NAIOTH have released its third official music video for the track 'Mental Walls' that comes off the album 'Dance of Light' released via Digmetalworld Records late 2012. Watch 'Mental Walls' at this location:

  • 03:50 INFERIS - The Wind

    INFERIS - The Wind

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    Inferis - The Wind. (Single 2013) Directed by Waldo Madriaga. Mixed and mastered by Ricardo Martínez. Download "The Wind" for free on Facebook: Find INFERIS at #Digmetalworld

  • 06:50 G.E.N. - Shadow Of Light

    G.E.N. - Shadow Of Light

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    Facebook: Manifesto EP: Chilean doom/gothic band G.E.N has released the music video for the track 'Shadow Of Light' that comes off their debut album, No Ink For A Self Portrait. The video was dir

  • 03:07 Popular HUINCA - Revuelta

    HUINCA - Revuelta

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    Facebook: North America: iTunes: Digmetalworld: HUINCA, Revuelta taken from 'Sic Semper Tyrannis' (2012) Directed by Carlos Toro ( Huinca is o