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  • 04:01 THE FALLACY - Lost In Disguise

    THE FALLACY - Lost In Disguise

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    The Fallacy's new official single 'Lost In Disguise'Lyrics:——————————-Don’t lie to me with your skin vibration(you’re lost in disguise)Better haunt me around behind(are you ready for

  • 04:02 RESILIENCE - Respira

    RESILIENCE - Respira

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    "Respira" es el segundo vídeo clip del album “Contra El Viento”. El disco fue producido por Gabriel Hidalgo, el vídeo fue dirigido y grabado en Santiago de Chile por Riff Studios. Tracklist: 1. Respira2. Alma Perdida3. Fragmentos

  • 04:11 ANDRAGON - Puzzles

    ANDRAGON - Puzzles

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    iTunes: Andragon recluta al baterista de Inferis Luego de la partida de su ex baterista Felipe Jiménez, Andragon ha reclutado al baterista de Inferis, Cristian González para la prom

  • 03:16 SOULBURNER - Seals Of Iniquity (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


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    Official Music Video for "Seals Of Iniquity" by Soulburner. Album: "Self Deceiver".Year: 2017Label: Australis RecordsVideo Oficial de "Seals of Iniquity" por Soulburner.Álbum: "Self Deceiver"Year: 2017Sello: Australis Records.

  • 05:59 BLAXEM - Knowledge Of War (Official Music Video)

    BLAXEM - Knowledge Of War (Official Music Video)

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    We present you our debut clip from "Who Cares" 2017 LP (Independent).Line up: Guillermo Malatesta (guitar) | Sebastian Rojas (drums) | Fabian Prieto (bass) | Daniel Hidalgo (vocals, guitar)Realized by Abysmo Films (Arch Enemy, Rob Halfors, The room, Gotth

  • 06:00 ATOMIC GENOCIDE - Aguila de la Soberbia

    ATOMIC GENOCIDE - Aguila de la Soberbia

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    Facebook: AGUILA DE LA SOBERBIA LP - EL OCASO DE URAS Tercer VideoClip de la banda, y el primer single del LP "El Ocaso de Uras" ATOMIC GENOCIDE: Marcelo Orellana (Voz) Fernando Tello (Guitarras) Eduardo Cuadr

  • 04:48 BLEAK FLESH - The Spectral Path

    BLEAK FLESH - The Spectral Path

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    Bleak Flesh Kerruff - VocalsMatías Quiroz - 7 stringsEnrique Carvajal - BassSebastián Vidal - DrumsOfficial website CreditsActor/Spectral Path Follower: Leonardo BerríosVi

  • 08:48 MICHEL GARRIDO BAND - Talca


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    Video Clip Documental Facebook:

  • 04:15 WARCHEST - Downfall

    WARCHEST - Downfall

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    Chilean thrash metal band Warchest have released the second music video supporting its later release 'Downfall’. The video for the self-titled track was directed by Ignacio Norambuena.The album "Downfall" was released early this year by Digmetalworl

  • 03:48 CONDENADOS - Demon's Head

    CONDENADOS - Demon's Head

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    It's been five long years since Condenados' cult debut album for Shadow Kingdom Records, A Painful Journey Into Nihil, but at long last, the wait is over: on January 13th, 2017, the Chilean doom-lords return with their highly anticipated second album, The

  • 05:00 RESILIENCE - Alma Perdida

    RESILIENCE - Alma Perdida

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    "Alma Perdida" is the first promotional track from the album "Contra el viento" that will be released on Dec 22nd, 2016. The video was created byRiff Studios. The album was produced byGabriel Hidalgo, and the cover art byClaudio Bergamin. Tracklist: 1. Re

  • 03:30 UNBLESSED  - Nonconformist

    UNBLESSED - Nonconformist

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    'Nonconformist', promotional track taken from the upcoming fourth album "Killing your last drop of innocence" of the Chilean band Unblessed, that will be released viaAustralis Records. The video was directed byCarlos Toro at Productora Abysmo. http://unbl