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  • 04:56 ICONOCLAST - Serpiente Alada (audio)

    ICONOCLAST - Serpiente Alada (audio)

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    ICONOCLAST - Naqoyqatsi© 2011 Copyright - Iconoclast ℗ Digmetalworld Records (885767734241) 1. Hijo Del Caos 2. Naqoyqatsi (Asi Hablo Zarathustra) 3. Alma Congelada 4. Serpíente Alada ICONOCLAST is in the vein of Thrash Death Metal and all the technical p

  • 07:08 ETERNUS - Phantom Chain (audio)

    ETERNUS - Phantom Chain (audio)

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    Eternus, symphonic metal band CHILE, characterized by opera male voice, together with the power of metal, melodies and symphonies to the vein.After our first job, "Labyrinth of Reason" launched in 2014 with good response, we wanted to continue with new ma



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    01 Intro (00:00 - 01:54)02 Reborn (01:54 - 03:24)03 Throwing bombs (03:24 - 06:34)04 Inmigrantes ilegales (06:34 - 09:30)05 Sinite parvvlos venire at me (09:30 - 10:33)06 Pecadófilo (10:33 - 12:30)07 Sangre y cerveza (12:30 - 14:42)08 The return of the Ga

  • 1:12:10 ALLEGAEON - Proponent for Sentience (Full Album)

    ALLEGAEON - Proponent for Sentience (Full Album)

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    This Friday (September 23rd), melodic death metal outfit Allegaeon will be releasing their fourth full-length, Proponent for Sentience, via Metal Blade Records. Proponent for Sentiencecan be pre-ordered now at: Produced by

  • 02:50 SOULROT - From My Grave (audio)

    SOULROT - From My Grave (audio)

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    On April 24th, Memento Mori is proud to present the debut full-length of Chile's Soulrot, Nameless Hideous Manifestations. Hailing from the city of Valparaíso, the band was formed by guitar player JL Olmos (Betrayed, ex-Micosis, ex-Gangrenous) circ

  • 03:29 CLEAVER - Hear the silence (audio)

    CLEAVER - Hear the silence (audio)

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    Este jueves 27 de julio vuelve todo el rock alternativo al mítico Bar de René. Cleaver, la banda de rock alternativo liderada por Carlos Cleaver se presenta junto a un nuevo integrante y su nuevo videoclip "Bipolar" .La banda se encuentra ac

  • 05:11 INFAMOVS - Dawn of the Black Dance (audio)

    INFAMOVS - Dawn of the Black Dance (audio)

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    Memento Moriis proud to present the full-length debut of Chile'sInfamovs,Under the Seals of Deathon January 23rd, 2017.Hailing from the city of Coquimbo, the band was formed in late 2014 by drummer A.M (ex-Predator), guitar players S.D and C.H, and F.U on

  • DEATH YELL -  Descent Into Hell (Bandcamp)

    DEATH YELL - Descent Into Hell (Bandcamp)

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    South American legends Death Yell stream the entirety of their LONG-awaited debut album, Descent Into Hell. Set for international release on August 15th - blasphemously, the day marked for the Assumption of Mary - via Hells Headbangers. Death Yell had a v

  • 14:22 LETAL CROSS - Maldita Nación (Full album stream)

    LETAL CROSS - Maldita Nación (Full album stream)

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    Maldita Nación the 2015 demo of the Chilean band Letal Cross. For more information visit:

  • 03:33 INFERIS -  Farewell (audio)

    INFERIS - Farewell (audio)

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    Chilean metal band INFERIS have released the new single called “Farewell” from their upcoming album “Beast Within”. The new line up has been announce as follows: Vicente Salucci: GuitarsManuel Alarcón: BassNasson: VocalsSerg

  • 05:03 RECRUCIDE - Illumination (audio)

    RECRUCIDE - Illumination (audio)

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    Single oficial "ILLUMINATION" | Disco: THE CYCLE | Año: 2017 |Sello: LQC

  • 03:52 SMOKING SABBATH  - Amnesia (audio)

    SMOKING SABBATH - Amnesia (audio)

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    Smoking Sabbath - Amnesiathe demon seed born in california in the 70's yearsa few puffs of amnesia wil send travels in to the space before burn it will dry smoke get in your lungs for attaking your soul and burst your eyes let burning that kush and burn a