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  • 03:59 DEATH YELL - Soulless (audio)

    DEATH YELL - Soulless (audio)

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    South American legends Death Yell reveal the new track "Soulless”. The track hails from the band's LONG-awaited debut album, Descent Into Hell, which will see release later this summer through Hells Headbangers. Death Yell had a very short but inten

  • 02:50 SOULROT - From My Grave (audio)

    SOULROT - From My Grave (audio)

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    On April 24th, Memento Mori is proud to present the debut full-length of Chile's Soulrot, Nameless Hideous Manifestations. Hailing from the city of Valparaíso, the band was formed by guitar player JL Olmos (Betrayed, ex-Micosis, ex-Gangrenous) circ

  • 38:09 REAPING ASMODEIA - Impuritize (FULL ALBUM)


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    Scheduled for worldwide release this Friday, February 24, technical death metal outfit REAPING ASMODEIA are excited to reveal an advance stream of their PROSTHETIC RECORDS debut "Impuritize". Simultaneous with the albums release, REAPING ASMODEIA will emb

  • HELL INSIDE - En Vivo “Bar La Kaberna”

    HELL INSIDE - En Vivo “Bar La Kaberna”

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    HELL INSIDE - En Vivo “Bar La Kaberna” 16 De Diciembre De 2016 1. Intro2. Fuego de la ira3. We wage world4. 33潞 Degree Master5. Maximun Terrorist6. I Slay the face of the earth7. Got a vision8. Welcome to the kingdom of the death9. Sueñ

  • 04:16 SEVENTH HELL - Reptiliano Iluminati (audio)

    SEVENTH HELL - Reptiliano Iluminati (audio)

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    SEVENTH HELL es una banda de Iquique, Chile. Ellos presentan un estilo Death Thrash Progresivo. En el 2016 lanzaron al mercado el demo “EN METAL 0ASIS” y en Mayo el disco llamado “Mal Necesario”. Este ultimo lo han promocionado en

  • 06:04 SICKNESS -  Everything goes to hell (audio)

    SICKNESS - Everything goes to hell (audio)

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    Sickness - Everything goes to hell, adelanto del primer LP de la banda de heavy thrash metal melipillana Sickness https://sicknesschile.bandcamp.com

  • 05:11 INFAMOVS - Dawn of the Black Dance (audio)

    INFAMOVS - Dawn of the Black Dance (audio)

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    Memento Moriis proud to present the full-length debut of Chile'sInfamovs,Under the Seals of Deathon January 23rd, 2017.Hailing from the city of Coquimbo, the band was formed in late 2014 by drummer A.M (ex-Predator), guitar players S.D and C.H, and F.U on

  • 47:02 CIANURO - Crimen Legal [Disco Completo 2016]

    CIANURO - Crimen Legal [Disco Completo 2016]

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    CIANURO - "Crimen Legal" - 2016 (Full Album) - Concepcion, Chile CD disponible aquí: TRACKLIST 00:00 - 01 - Es La Ley 02:58 - 02 - Tierra De Niebla 07:11 - 03 - Cianuro En Tus Venas 11:21 - 04 - Quiero Matar 15:30 -

  • 26:49 IN MOTION - Travelers (Full Album Stream)

    IN MOTION - Travelers (Full Album Stream)

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    Banda Chilena con influencias djent y prog. Hecho en SCL, lanzado el 26 de Septiembre, 2016.Disponible en Travelers: 00:00 Gateway 041 01:01 Traveler 07:27 War Machines 11:31 Through the Oxide, Pt. l 15:25 Through the Ox

  • 1:12:10 ALLEGAEON - Proponent for Sentience (Full Album)

    ALLEGAEON - Proponent for Sentience (Full Album)

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    This Friday (September 23rd), melodic death metal outfit Allegaeon will be releasing their fourth full-length, Proponent for Sentience, via Metal Blade Records. Proponent for Sentiencecan be pre-ordered now at: Produced by

  • 07:08 ETERNUS - Phantom Chain (audio)

    ETERNUS - Phantom Chain (audio)

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    Eternus, symphonic metal band CHILE, characterized by opera male voice, together with the power of metal, melodies and symphonies to the vein.After our first job, "Labyrinth of Reason" launched in 2014 with good response, we wanted to continue with new ma

  • 03:59 VOODOO - Poder Traicion (audio)

    VOODOO - Poder Traicion (audio)

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    Single del álbum 2016 de la banda Thrash Metal Iquiqueña Voodoo la cual se encuentraen proceso de mezcla y masterizacion del lp debut.