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  • 07:04 THRONE OF EVIL - Selknam (yric video)

    THRONE OF EVIL - Selknam (yric video)

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    1er tema de Muerte Por creencias Lp-Throne of Evil

  • 03:33 AZNIAK - La Herencia (lyric video)

    AZNIAK - La Herencia (lyric video)

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    Azniak- La Herencia.Del EP 2014: El Orden Criminal del Mundo" el EP aca: tipo kinetic typography.esta canción habla de como se instauro en chile un sistema eco

  • 03:51 HATEFX - Play It By Fear (lyric video)

    HATEFX - Play It By Fear (lyric video)

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    HateFX - Play It By Fear (lyric video) - Under Destruction (2013) -Video by Brad Yip -

  • 03:49 Popular AKBAL - Heredero del Odio (lyrics)

    AKBAL - Heredero del Odio (lyrics)

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    © AKBAL, Heredero del Odio, taken from Cegado (2007-12) Label- Digmetalworld Powerline Magazine by Reviewed by: Lucas Lopes It's very nice to see new bands from South America taking their place in the Heavy Metal scenery with good songs and killer riffs t

  • 04:45 Popular LEFUTRAY - Rats and Vultures (lyrics)

    LEFUTRAY - Rats and Vultures (lyrics)

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    © LEFUTRAY - Rats and Vultures taken from Last Breath (2012) Label- Digmetalworld LEFUTRAY - Last Breath by Angela "MetalDancer" Van Der Kreeft "Last Breath" is fast, brutal, mean and does know how to wrap it up and send it. Despite their name, LEFUTRAY h

  • 04:03 WARBREATH - Devastation (Lyric video)

    WARBREATH - Devastation (Lyric video)

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    FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD (Available on March, 17 2013) WARBREATH Devastation (Lyric video) Gates of Beyond Digmetalworld Records 2013 WARBREATH on Facebook Descripti

  • 03:21 MERIDIAN - Meridian (Lyric video)

    MERIDIAN - Meridian (Lyric video)

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    Free Doownload here: Chilean heavy metal band MERIDIAN have releases its its self-titled debut EP. Meridian is side project of VASTATOR's vocalist, Sr. Diaz and ENTRANCE guitarist Richard Pilnik. The EP contai

  • 04:31 PIROSAINT - Tonight (lyric video)

    PIROSAINT - Tonight (lyric video)

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    MUSIC&MERCHANDISE AVAILABLE: New York-based metal band PIROSAINT have released a lyric video for their new track 'Tonight', the video was done by Digmetalworld Records. The music of the track 'Tonight' was recorded at Oil