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  • 06:16 Popular D1STRAUGHT - Majestic Twelve (Lyric video)

    D1STRAUGHT - Majestic Twelve (Lyric video)

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    #D1STRAUGHTlyric video for title track "MAJESTIC TWELVE".from the album Majestic Twelve. (w.t.t.o.c.).

  • 11:01 Popular ERIADOR - Occult Energy (Lyric Video)

    ERIADOR - Occult Energy (Lyric Video)

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    Official lyrics for the song "Occult Energy" from Eriador's new album, MEDITATIONS.This is a complete version of the album track.Visit us at:Facebook:

  • 04:02 Popular CRIMINAL - Animals to Gods (LYRIC VIDEO)

    CRIMINAL - Animals to Gods (LYRIC VIDEO)

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    Set to release their new album,Fear Itself, next week (March 11th) via Metal Blade Records worldwide, Anglo-Chilean thrashersCriminalhave now launched a lyric video for the track "Animals To Gods" online.To pre-order the record in various formats - please

  • 04:04 Popular KRUDO - Alone in my Funeral (Lyric video)

    KRUDO - Alone in my Funeral (Lyric video)

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    Promotional video lyrics form the new Australis' 3 Way Split . DEMONS FROM THE END OF THE WORLD Vol I

  • 04:10 Popular CLEAVER - Why are you so jealous, honey? (Lyric Video)

    CLEAVER - Why are you so jealous, honey? (Lyric Video)

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    Cleaver new single from upcoming album "Hear the silence" Cleaver is: Carlos Cleaver: Vocals & Guitars Malonso Grim: Bass M.C : Drums Recorded in Now Recordings Studio by Felipe Leighton Mastered by Victor Muñoz

  • 03:14 Popular SIKARIO - The Hunting (Lyric Video)

    SIKARIO - The Hunting (Lyric Video)

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    "The Hunting" is the new song, with which we begin to celebrate 10 years of our existence. This song will be part of an EP that we expect to launch the final months of this year, before starting to record our second studio album. Download the song at www.

  • 05:17 Popular CARVAKAS - Cynic Philosophy (LYRIC VIDEO)

    CARVAKAS - Cynic Philosophy (LYRIC VIDEO)

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    Official Lyric Video for "Cynic Philosophy" and first single of Carvakas second album "Anti-Platonic Machinery". Album available from June 27th through Sick Bangers Metal Label & Distro. Editing / Postproduction: Cristóbal Narváez FOLLOW

  • 03:10 Popular WARCHEST - New Anarchy (Lyric video)

    WARCHEST - New Anarchy (Lyric video)

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    Official Lyric video for "New Anarchy" from Warchest´s second album "DOWNFALL"Art Direction: Cristóbal Narváez / Christofer OrosEditing / Postproduction: Cristóbal NarváezFOLLOW THE

  • 07:00 Popular CRISALIDA - Atacama (Lyric video)

    CRISALIDA - Atacama (Lyric video)

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    Crisalida is a progressive rock band born in Chile that has sought to merge the best of rock, metal, ambient and folk. Making combine in their work emotions, textures, environments and passion for music.Crisálida’s fifth album, which was prod

  • 04:56 Popular LEFUTRAY - Ascending to the sky (LYRIC VIDEO)

    LEFUTRAY - Ascending to the sky (LYRIC VIDEO)

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    Ascending to the sky - Unbalance EP 2014Directed and edited by Cesar Brizuela and Cristian OlivaresAll Rights Reserved© 2015

  • 03:41 Popular SKYRLA - Automata (Lyric Video)

    SKYRLA - Automata (Lyric Video)

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    Single taken from the COLLAPSE, first album of the Chilean SKYRLA.

  • 04:43 Popular ALL TOMORROWS - Undying Seasons (LYRIC VIDEO)

    ALL TOMORROWS - Undying Seasons (LYRIC VIDEO)

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    All Tomorrows premieres "Undying Seasons" first single from their soon to be released second album.Subscribe to All Tomorrows: THE SINGLE:iTunes: MP3: HE