• 03:30 EVOCATION Janne Jaloma - Imperium Fall (Drum Playthrough)

    EVOCATION Janne Jaloma - Imperium Fall (Drum Playthrough)

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    Swedish death metallers Evocation have announced Janne Jaloma as their new drummer. Janne has previously made himself a name in the Gothenburg & UK scenes as a dedicated and hardworking drummer for bands such as Despite, Bloodshot Dawn & Deals Dea

  • 02:12 CLITERATI - Looking for the Answers (Lyric video)

    CLITERATI - Looking for the Answers (Lyric video)

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    CLITERATI - the Portland, Oregon-grown hardcore punk unit featuring Poison Idea, Voetsek, and Murderess alumni - today undrapes the visual accompaniment to "Looking For The Answers." The two-plus-minute bruiser comes by way of their self-titled EP.Initial

  • 04:53 ERA 9 - Hero

    ERA 9 - Hero

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    ERA 9’s ‘Gravity’ will be available on all major online retailers as of May 5, 2017. ERA 9 merge Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop and Electronic Dance Music to create their own unique sonic architecture, which they dub “TrapRock”, descri

  • 00:22 INTERNAL BLEEDING - Final Justice (Teaser)

    INTERNAL BLEEDING - Final Justice (Teaser)

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    New York death metal pioneers INTERNAL BLEEDING will unleash a brand new single later this month via Unique Leader Records. Titled "Final Justice," the track serves as a teaser from the band's forthcoming full-length, Corrupting Influence, an album that p

  • 04:27 TERRIFIER - Nuclear Demolisher (Lyric video)

    TERRIFIER - Nuclear Demolisher (Lyric video)

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    Vancouver thrashers TERRIFIER have premiered of their latest lyric video 'Nuclear Demolisher”. The video is in support of their new album 'Weapons of Thrash Destruction' released in January of this year via Test Your Metal Records to follow their 20

  • 04:17 ANTROPOFAGUS - Chants for Abyzou (Lyric video)

    ANTROPOFAGUS - Chants for Abyzou (Lyric video)

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    Italian Death Metal unit ANTROPOFAGUS on Wednesday released new material from their forthcoming Comatose Music release Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration (M.O.R.T.E.). ANTROPOFAGUS returns on May 12, 2017 with an album of uncompromising godless

  • 10:12 LONGHOUSE - Vigil (audio)

    LONGHOUSE - Vigil (audio)

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    Ottawa, ON doom metal trio LONGHOUSE have premiered their second single 'Vigil' featuring JD Gobeil from Loviatar. Their sophomore album "II: Vanishing" digitally on April 14th is set to be released on June 2017 (date to be determined) via Sunmask Records

  • 03:48 OCEANO - The Great Tribulation (audio)

    OCEANO - The Great Tribulation (audio)

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    OCEANO, have just released their first new single titled “The Great Tribulation”. The new song comes off the band’s anticipated upcoming full-length album Revelation that is due out on May 19th via the band’s new label Sumerian Rec

  • 05:12 SABBATH ASSEMBLY - Does Love Die

    SABBATH ASSEMBLY - Does Love Die

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    Sabbath Assembly's highly anticipated sixth album, Rites of Passage - set for international release on May 12th via Svart Records. Tracklist: 1. Shadows Revenge2. Angels Trumpets3. I Must Be Gone4. Does Love Die5. Twilight of God6. Seven Sermons to the De

  • 04:31 ICON FOR HIRE - Supposed To Be

    ICON FOR HIRE - Supposed To Be

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    Icon for Hire have announced their Spring 2017 tour plans and the duo can't wait to return to the road. The band will embark on a two-month trek with Assuming We Survive and October Sky in tow. The tour runs from early May through the end of June. The lis

  • 04:54 THIS CURSE. - Quicksand

    THIS CURSE. - Quicksand

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    Formerly called 'The Blessing Of This Curse', the band saw room for improvement and development in sound and style, and plan to unveil their full progression on their upcoming, currently-untitled full-length album. Marking the band's official transition i

  • 04:55 IMPURE WILHELMINA - Great Falls Beyond Death (audio)

    IMPURE WILHELMINA - Great Falls Beyond Death (audio)

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    Swiss post-hardcore veteransIMPURE WILHELMINA announced new details behind the release of their forthcoming album. The new full-length is titled 'Radiation', and will be released worldwide by Season of Mist on July 7. Pre-orders for the album are availabl