• 03:26 TERMINAL PROSPECT - Blood Burning Veins Live@ROCKS 2013-08-10

    TERMINAL PROSPECT - Blood Burning Veins Live@ROCKS 2013-08-10

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    The son Blood Burning Veins by Terminal Prospect, Stockhlm, Sweden The song is from the EP "Face the Horror" (Furia Discos, 2012) Thanks everyone for e great evening at Rocks!!

  • 04:40 TERMINAL PROSPECT - The Edge of Confusion

    TERMINAL PROSPECT - The Edge of Confusion

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    "The Edge of Confusion" Terminal Prospect Song Copyright 2014 Terminal Prospect Animation&design by DaGhostProd Music: Produced by Sebastian Rojas Recorded by Kristoffer Folin and Sebastian Rojas Mixed by Mariano Pavez Mastered by Sören Von Malmborg Solo

  • 01:25 SEBASTIAN ROJAS Official Vic Firth promotional video

    SEBASTIAN ROJAS Official Vic Firth promotional video

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    Sebastian Rojas of Terminal Prospect is a drummer from Chile, living in Sweden Sebastian is also the original drummer of Dogma and Los Mox He is an endorsment artist for Vic Firth drumsticks, and uses the models 5BB, 5BN and SN6 The music in the video is

  • 04:05 PIROSAINT - Real Psychology (audio)

    PIROSAINT - Real Psychology (audio)

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    © PIROSAINT, Real Psychology taken from Reign Of Terror (2011) © Copyright-Ignacio Orellana(884502977592) Record Label: Digmetalworld "Reign Of Terror" is an album for collectors that contains 15 of the pioneers in Metal Music in Chile. The beginnings of

  • 03:56 PIROSAINT - Somos Legion (feat. Vastator and Raining)

    PIROSAINT - Somos Legion (feat. Vastator and Raining)

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    Free Download: Letra: Fuego purificador, limpias mi alma Tiempo de redención, mi cuerpo sangra Como si fuera un león, en una jaula El poderoso rugir es mi arma Fuego puede forjar un acero mortal

  • 04:31 PIROSAINT - Tonight (lyric video)

    PIROSAINT - Tonight (lyric video)

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    MUSIC&MERCHANDISE AVAILABLE: New York-based metal band PIROSAINT have released a lyric video for their new track 'Tonight', the video was done by Digmetalworld Records. The music of the track 'Tonight' was recorded at Oil

  • 03:40 PIROSAINT - A New Yesterday (2013) audio

    PIROSAINT - A New Yesterday (2013) audio

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    MUSIC&MERCHANDISE AVAILABLE A New Yesterday We're here again, Now we have learnt The warrior now knows, How far we fell Fists in the air, There's nothing to gain To promote the ways of life and HELL Our past have showed us to

  • 50:18 PIROSAINT - Infected Brutality (Full album) (2013)

    PIROSAINT - Infected Brutality (Full album) (2013)

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    MUSIC&MERCHANDISE: INFECTED BRUTALITY is the exclusive remastered versions of our two legendary demos recorded in Chile at Rec. Studios by Jose Luis Corral + Previously unreleased live material. - INFECTED DREAMS - Demo II 1.

  • 03:47 Popular ALL ANGELS MASSACRE (audio)


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    ALL ANGELS MASSACRE Music: Regisson Silva, Ignacio Orellana Lyrics: Ignacio Figueroa, Ignacio Orellana All arrangements by All Angels Massacre. All Angels Massacre is: Ignacio Figueroa - Vocals (NAIOTH) Chile Regisson Silva - G