• 04:37 DEADLOCK - Backstory Wound

    DEADLOCK - Backstory Wound

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    DEADLOCK have always been about extremes - and always will be! Fans love these Germans for every emotional force run through the raging depths of death metal, technical prowess, borderline pop-laden melodies, nods to classic metal, and casual flirtation w

  • 05:20 SAMMAL - Stormvarning

    SAMMAL - Stormvarning

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    The track hails from the band's critically acclaimed second album,Myrskyvaroitus, released last year bySvart Records. Duringthewinterof2014,Sammalenteredthestudioandlaiddownninenewtracksfortheirsecondalbum,Myrskyvaroitus("Storm Warning"). Whereas the self

  • 04:44 ALL HAIL THE YETI - Daughter Of The Morning Star (Prequel to Flames)

    ALL HAIL THE YETI - Daughter Of The Morning Star (Prequel to Flames)

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    ALL HAIL THE YETI released their long-awaited full-length concept album, Screams From A Black Wilderness, via Minus Head Records. The album is based on classic, spooky horror stories and presents a different story with each track. Screams From A Black Wil

  • 09:09 GHOST BATH - Golden Number

    GHOST BATH - Golden Number

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    Depressive black metal merchants, GHOST BATH, have announced several more headlining tour dates in support of their latest album, Moonlover. Moonloveris now available both physically and digitally with an exclusive bonus track worldwide via Nuclear Blast

  • 02:17 MY IRON LUNG - Damage

    MY IRON LUNG - Damage

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    San Diego rock bandMY IRON LUNGhas premiered a new track/video called “Damage” from their forthcoming album, Learn To Leave, that’s due out on August 5th via Pure Noise Records. The band’s record can be pre-ordered now at http://sm

  • 07:01 CRYSTAL BELL - Ayin Aleph

    CRYSTAL BELL - Ayin Aleph

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    Classically trained pianist, composer, vocalist and an accomplished writer/performerAYIN ALEPHrecently released her operatic, avant garde new single "Crystal Bell" via Elliptic Entertainment (order here). AYIN ALEPH is: Ayin Aleph - vocals, composition, l

  • 04:24 SIMPLEFAST - Within Your Soul

    SIMPLEFAST - Within Your Soul

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    ORDER yours NOW:Physical Copy: Play: Your Soul [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] from the EP album "CURSED" (AMA

  • 04:03 HATEFX - Knifestyle

    HATEFX - Knifestyle

    by Ignacio Orellana Added 622 Views / 0 Likes - Official video for Knifestyle (opening track off The Holy Frail CD) filmed during the Halo Guitars showcase in Santa Clara, CA directed by Sebastian Rojas (Punto Decibel), Sweden

  • 03:08 HATEFX - WDF


    by Ignacio Orellana Added 618 Views / 0 Likes - Official video for WDF (HD) off of "The Holy Frail" CD 2010 Director : Juan Pablo Arriagada - Camera: Jeff Walker/Robert Kenworthy Recorded @ Central Valley Talk studio and Dan's pzad. Guitars: Halo G

  • 03:51 HATEFX - Play It By Fear (lyric video)

    HATEFX - Play It By Fear (lyric video)

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    HateFX - Play It By Fear (lyric video) - Under Destruction (2013) -Video by Brad Yip -

  • 05:55 Popular HATEFX - Play it by Fear

    HATEFX - Play it by Fear

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    Official video for PLAY IT BY FEAR song by HateFX, off of Under Destruction Directed by JUAN PABLO ARRIAGADA starring Presley Ann Fletcher - Jeslen Mishelle - Alyssa Cisneros - Jason Hild and Ron Blackwell cinematography and additional footage by Enik Sle

  • 02:16 TERMINAL PROSPECT - Redefine Existence

    TERMINAL PROSPECT - Redefine Existence

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    Terminal Prosepct - Redefine Existence The first single and title track by Swedish Metal Band "Terminal Prospect" from the upcoming album Redefine Existence! Feat. Ignacio Torres ( NDL) on solo guitar! Read More @ or ht