• 03:04 GHOST - The Summoning VI: The Proceedings Intensify

    GHOST - The Summoning VI: The Proceedings Intensify

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    Grammy® Award-winning bandGhosthave unveiled a new clip entitledThe Summoning VI: The Proceedings Intensifyin the wake of the release of their newPopestarEP which debuted at the No. 1 position on Billboard's Top Rock Albums and Hard Rock Albums charts

  • 03:42 STARKILL - Through the Darkness (Lyric video)

    STARKILL - Through the Darkness (Lyric video)

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    Melodic death maestrosSTARKILLhave struck once again as they present their epic new anthem "Through The Darkness" which showcases the addition of female vocalist Sarah Lynn Collier. Taken from their upcoming November 4 release "Shadow Sleep" (viaPROSTHETI

  • 03:05 WHORES. - Mental Illness As A Mating Ritual (audio)

    WHORES. - Mental Illness As A Mating Ritual (audio)

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    Atlanta power trioWHORES.have debuted an all new single titled"Mental Illness AsMating Ritual". WHORES.will releaseGOLD.on October 28th, 2016 via Entertainment One (eOne), the first for their new label home.GOLD.will be available overseas via SPV.The debu

  • 10:54 CASPIAN - Castles High, Marble Bright

    CASPIAN - Castles High, Marble Bright

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    The single is available as a limited edition pressing of 1,000 on 8-inch vinyl via and digitally via Bandcamp (, iTunes and streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.The b-side, a song titled “12

  • 05:20 SONATA ARCTICA - We Are What We Are (Lyric video)

    SONATA ARCTICA - We Are What We Are (Lyric video)

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    Thebrand new studio releaseThe Ninth Hourfrom Finland's melodic metal wolvesSONATA ARCTICAhas seen the light of day last Friday and already entered the worldwidecharts. Here arethe first results: USA: #7 Heatseeker#12 Hard Music#48 Rock Album#113 Billboar

  • 06:06 OLD CHAPEL - Disastrous Rite (audio)

    OLD CHAPEL - Disastrous Rite (audio)

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    Mexico's Chaos Records has released a new song from forthcoming albumVisions from Beyondby Russian Death Metal BandOLD CHAPEL. OLD CHAPELis an orthodox sepulchral squad spreading the infection of old school doomed death metal since 2010 under the leadersh

  • 03:40 FIT FOR RIVALS - Novocain

    FIT FOR RIVALS - Novocain

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    FIT FOR RIVALSare irrefutably the freshest face in modern rock music, fronted by a bold voice that doesn't quit. Press play and instantly frontwoman Renee Phoenix knocks you off your feet. Upon hearing their inimitable sound, you'll know that you're heari

  • 03:49 DARK TRANQUILLITY - Forward Momentum

    DARK TRANQUILLITY - Forward Momentum

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    Gothenburg melodic death metal pioneers, DARK TRANQUILLITY just released a video for the song "Forward Momentum". The video was filmed in the far North of Sweden near Kiruna by Vesa Ranta (ex-Sentenced, The Man-Eating Tree drummer) and directed by Harri H

  • 11:51 THE RETICENT - The Story of "Funeral for a Firefly"

    THE RETICENT - The Story of "Funeral for a Firefly"

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    Progressive Metal bandTHE RETICENThave released"The Story of Funeral for a Firefly,"a behind-the-scenes video concerning the song "Funeral for a Firefly" from new albumOn The Eve of a Goodbye. The video documents thefirst time front man Chris Hathcock has

  • 04:55 ACCEPT - Stampede - Restless & Live (live clip)

    ACCEPT - Stampede - Restless & Live (live clip)

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    Ever-raging metal institution,ACCEPT, are returning with a bang! After three studio albums and several tours around the globe since their reunion in 2010, the time has come for the band to unleash a brand-new live document titledRestless And Live. This pa

  • 03:49 WITCHERY - Nosferatu (Lyric Video)

    WITCHERY - Nosferatu (Lyric Video)

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    Swedish blackened metal sect WITCHERY are gearing up for the worldwide release of their long-awaited 6th studio album entitledIn His Infernal Majesty's Service,arriving November 25th, 2016 via Century Media Records. Here is the complete tracklisting for

  • 03:54 HORISONT - Electrical

    HORISONT - Electrical

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    Swedish hardrockers HORISONT have just posted the official video for their new single "Eletrical", taken off their upcoming albumAbout Time, which will be released on February 3rd, 2017! Catch Horisont live across the U.S. this Fall on tour dates with Ele