• 02:12 DOWNFALL OF GAIA - Atrophy (Studio Teaser)

    DOWNFALL OF GAIA - Atrophy (Studio Teaser)

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    On November 11th,Downfall Of Gaiawill release their fourth full-length,Atrophy, via Metal Blade Records. Recorded in June 2016 at Hidden Planet Studio Berlin with Jan Oberg,Atrophywas mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studio in San Franc

  • 04:57 DRESCHER - Unten (Lyric Video)

    DRESCHER - Unten (Lyric Video)

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    DRESCHER have already won over critics and fans alike with their highly acclaimed Thrash metal debut Erntezeit. Now Steinfeld is the next big thing coming out of Austria. Steinfeld means "field of stones", but is it as heavy as it sounds? Oh yes, it is! T

  • 06:00 MORTILLERY - Shapeshifter

    MORTILLERY - Shapeshifter

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    Mortilleryare on a mission to deliver true thrash metal, standing out with their smashing riffage, raw energy and dynamic female vocals. Their third albumShapeshifteris a ferocious beast drunk on speed, venomous guitar solos and the rabid vocals of Cara M

  • 09:18 SKÁLMÖLD - Vanaheimur (Lyric Video)

    SKÁLMÖLD - Vanaheimur (Lyric Video)

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    KORPIKLAANI, SKÁLMÖLD22.10.16 EE - Tallinn / Tapper23.10.16 LV - Riga / Melnā Piektdiena24.10.16 PL - Gdynia / Ucho25.10.16 PL - Warsaw / Proxima26.10.16 PL - Wroclaw / Alibi27.10.16 PL - Katowice / Mega Club28.10.16 SK - Bratislava / Majestic

  • 04:33 BRANT BJORK - Luvin'

    BRANT BJORK - Luvin'

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    BRANT BJORK has released his brand new masterpiece! Tao Of The Devil is more focused than its predecessor Black Power Flower and boasts a more song-oriented and groovy stoner sound, with a healthy dose of 70s style greatness. As the founder of Kyuss, the

  • 05:51 OVERKILL - Our Finest Hour (Lyric video)

    OVERKILL - Our Finest Hour (Lyric video)

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    Legendary New Jersey thrashers,OVERKILL, awill release their brand-new single,Our Finest Hour,on November 4th throughNuclear Blast. The 7" single will be available black, green, and splatter vinyl. Pre-order now: OVERK

  • 03:56 UNWILL - Tomb (audio)

    UNWILL - Tomb (audio)

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    Rochester's ownUNWILLreleased a new track"Tomb".The band's debut album,Past Life, will be released on eOne Music/ Lifeblood Inc.onFebruary 10th, 2017. "Tomb" is available now as an instant grat track withpreorderpurchase of the album. Additionally, fans c

  • 00:50 THE POWER OF THE RIFF 2016 (trailer)

    THE POWER OF THE RIFF 2016 (trailer)

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    The second wave of acts for the LA-based December edition ofTHE POWER OF THE RIFFhas today been released, the new list including Nails, Pelican, Gatecreeper, Gag, and hardcore supergroup, Bloodclot, featuring members of Cro-Mags, Warzone, Murphy's Law, Qu

  • 04:05 UMVRAL - Tu mismo Infierno

    UMVRAL - Tu mismo Infierno

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    Producido por UmvraL en colaboración con Ignacio Figueroa y Ricardo Martinez.Mezcla y masterización por Ricardo Martínez en Imperial Lion Studio (Santiago de Chile)Dirección y edición video: Nassonhttp://umvral.bandcamp.

  • 04:24 FAKE HEROES - Skyline (Bass playthrough)

    FAKE HEROES - Skyline (Bass playthrough)

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    FAKE HEROES have released new video “Skyline” bass playthrough to announce the band's new bassist Filippo Di Tillio joining the family. FAKE HEROES was formed in 2012, by the guitarist/composer Gianni “Draft Djentleman” Vespasiani,

  • 05:50 SCORPION CHILD - Acid Roulette (audio)

    SCORPION CHILD - Acid Roulette (audio)

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    Texan classic rockers,SCORPION CHILD, launched a brand-new visualizer forAcid Roulette's title track today. Acid Roulette is the return of Aryn Jonathan Black with his rich, electrifying vocals interweaved with the groove laden riffs of guitarist Christop

  • 04:01 DEVILMENT - The Mephisto Waltzes (Track By Track P.1)

    DEVILMENT - The Mephisto Waltzes (Track By Track P.1)

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    DEVILMENT­ led by vehement frontmanDani Filth, will release their forthcoming masterpieceDevilment II: The Mephisto Waltzeson 18th November via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Pre-orderDevilment II: The Mephisto Waltzes:- Nuclear Blast UK store - Limited