• 04:43 SHIRAZ LANE - Momma's Boy

    SHIRAZ LANE - Momma's Boy

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    Earlier this year Frontiers Music Srlreleased the debut album from SHIRAZ LANE, entitled "For Crying Out Loud". You can get a copy of "For Crying Out Loud" HERE. Formed in 2011, SHIRAZ LANE is a young, energetic, ambitious, authentic hard rock group from

  • 06:33 INANIMATE EXISTENCE - Pulse of the Mountain's Heart (audio)

    INANIMATE EXISTENCE - Pulse of the Mountain's Heart (audio)

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    With the release of Calling From A Dream, the consuming new full-length from Bay Area progressive death metal collective, INANIMATE EXISTENCE, less than three weeks away, the band unveils the mystifying sounds of "Pulse Of The Mountain's Heart" for public

  • 04:56 BARONESS - Try To Disappear

    BARONESS - Try To Disappear

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    Baroness, who recently launched a new round of U.S. tour dates in support of Purple, premiere a music video for the song “Try to Disappear”. The clip captures one of the band’s “absolutely electric” (Exclaim) live outings in

  • 04:58 SCRATCH - Das Waltz

    SCRATCH - Das Waltz

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    Punk Rock Pioneers Glen and Chuck, aka the brothers Stilphen, are, perhaps, best-known for their time as teenagers in Boston's GangGreenfrom 1984-1986, at the very height of the band's relevance and popularity. The new EP byScratch, El Monstrocontains fo

  • 04:31 AMERAKIN OVERDOSE - Letting Go (audio)

    AMERAKIN OVERDOSE - Letting Go (audio)

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    Fast-rising five-piece AMERAKIN OVERDOSE are paving their way towards being the next big thing in shock rock with their upcoming full-length album, The Great Amerakin Dream, out September 30, 2016. The melodic hard rock record, which also blends groove an

  • 05:37 ANCIIENTS - Serpents (audio)

    ANCIIENTS - Serpents (audio)

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    Vancouver's ANCIIENTS are streaming a crushing new track track taken from their highly anticipated new album, 'Voice from the Void'. 'Voice from the Void' will be released on Oct. 14 worldwide. 'Voice of the Void' was recorded by Jesse Gander (3 INCHES OF

  • 04:48 BARISHI - Master Crossroads, Baron Cemetery (audio)

    BARISHI - Master Crossroads, Baron Cemetery (audio)

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    Vermont's gritty progressive metal outfit BARISHI are streaming another pummeling new track off their new full-length, 'Blood from the Lion's Mouth'.BARISHI's second full-length, and first for Season of Mist, will be released by worldwide on Sept. 16. Pre

  • 02:57 KNOCKED LOOSE - The Rain (audio)

    KNOCKED LOOSE - The Rain (audio)

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    Kentucky hardcore band Knocked Loose has premiered a new track called “The Rain” today. The song is featured on their forthcoming, debut full-length record, Laugh Tracks, which is scheduled for release on September 16th from Pure Noise Records

  • 05:36 CELL - Erasing the Plane of Existence (audio)

    CELL - Erasing the Plane of Existence (audio)

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    CELL is a band purveying their own unique brand of cosmic black metal with pile-driving drumming, flavored with hints of doom and sludge metal, but always with that unique black metal atmosphere, inspired by the cosmos, and darker than any black hole, dra

  • 02:06 MESHUGGAH - Violent Sleep Of Reason (Trailer #2)

    MESHUGGAH - Violent Sleep Of Reason (Trailer #2)

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    The Swedish extreme tech-metalpioneersMESHUGGAH will release their upcoming eighth album, The Violent Sleep OfReason on October 7th via Nuclear Blast. Today, the band released the second trailer in which Tomas discusses the lyrical inspiration of the eigh

  • 04:30 DESTRAGE - Symphony of the Ego (Lyric video)

    DESTRAGE - Symphony of the Ego (Lyric video)

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    A Means To No End, the fourth full-length from the Milan, Italy-based 5-piece Destrage, due out October 21st via Metal Blade Records. Pre-ordered here Destrage recorded A Means To No End at RecLab Studios in Milan, reuni

  • 04:32 ILLYRIAN - Round 2: Fight! (Lyric video)

    ILLYRIAN - Round 2: Fight! (Lyric video)

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    Originally formed in 2011, the Calgary thrashersformerly known as Hellborn Death Engines are beginning their resurgence under the new moniker ILLYRIAN with therecent additions of bassist / vocalist Jeff Perry (Sikarra, ex-Animus Labyrinth) plusBritish dru