• 03:01 INVASION - Play the Devil's Piano

    INVASION - Play the Devil's Piano

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    INVASION's release of Destroyer of Mankind last month, the Indiana Death Squad has launched another scorched-earth campaign with the official video for "Play the Devil's Piano." After six years since the release of their last album, Indiana's war-themed D

  • 02:33 WOLFBRIGADE - Warsaw Speedwolf (audio)

    WOLFBRIGADE - Warsaw Speedwolf (audio)

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    Stockholm-basedWOLFBRIGADEhas released the lead single from their impending ninth LP,Run With The Hunted, which is set for release through Southern Lord in late April. The album's merciless second track, "Warsaw Speedwolf," comes crushing forth through a

  • 05:51 JOHN RICHARDSON - The Fold


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    John Richardson reveals a new video for "The Fold". The song is the title track to his solo debut, The Fold, set for international release on March 31st via Svart. John Richardson is an experienced songwriter whose music combines experimental folk rock, t

  • 01:36 MAC SABBATH - Coloring Activity Book

    MAC SABBATH - Coloring Activity Book

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    The Mockstrosity Tour 2017 - starring the kings of fast-food themed Black Sabbath covers Mac Sabbath and Metalachi: The World's First and Only Heavy Metal Mariachi Band - kicks off in Omaha, NE. The tour will also feature special guests, Ned Flanders-them

  • 00:57 DREAM EVIL - Six (Album Trailer)

    DREAM EVIL - Six (Album Trailer)

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    Long years have passed since the last time Swedish powerhouse DREAM EVIL unleashed their brand of Metal. That silence is about to be shattered with the release of their new in-your-face sixth album, aptly titled SIX, on May 26th, 2017 via Century Media Re

  • 04:27 EXCALIBUR - Excalibur [audio]

    EXCALIBUR - Excalibur [audio]

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    Legendary Spanish heavy/rock band Excalibur have just launched the first advance single from their long-awaited third album, Humo Negro ("Black Smoke"), set for international release on May 2nd via Fighter Records. Formed back in 1984, Excalibur released

  • 05:30 FOSCOR - Ciutat Tràgica (audio)

    FOSCOR - Ciutat Tràgica (audio)

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    Named after the Catalan word for "darkness", the Spanish atmospheric metal band FOSCOR have revealed new details about their forthcoming album. The band's Season of Mist debut is titled 'Les Irreals Visions', and will be released worldwide on June 9. Pre-

  • 03:36 3TEETH - Atrophy

    3TEETH - Atrophy

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    Los Angeles based industrial band 3TEETH has unveiled plans to release their highly-anticipated, second full-length album, <shutdown.exe>, on May 19th via OMF Records. The band reveals the album title, release date, artwork and track listing for the

  • 03:47 MOONLIGHT PROPHECY - Spellbound (audio)

    MOONLIGHT PROPHECY - Spellbound (audio)

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    Philadelphia'sMOONLIGHT PROPHECYisa Progressive, Thrash and Neoclassical Metal project from multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Lawrence Wallace (SHADOWS IN THE CRYPT, LAWRENCE'S CREATION). Debut EPEternal Oblivionwill be self-released on April 15. Stream si

  • 05:10 IMPERIUM DEKADENZ - Schwarze Wälder

    IMPERIUM DEKADENZ - Schwarze Wälder

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    IMPERIUM DEKADENZ have released a new music video for their classic track, "Schwarze Wälder". The track was originally released in the band's debut full length, '...und die Welt ward kalt und leer' (2006). IMPERIUM DEKADENZ have embarked on their pre

  • 06:47 HIDEOUS DIVINITY - Aages Die (audio)

    HIDEOUS DIVINITY - Aages Die (audio)

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    Adveniens is the impending new studio offering from Italian death metal unit HIDEOUS DIVINITY, which features within its ranks current and former members of Hour Of Penance and Aborted. Slated for release on April 28th, the follow-up to the band's critica

  • 04:50 DISPERSE Jakub Zytecki - Gabriel [Guitar Playthrough]

    DISPERSE Jakub Zytecki - Gabriel [Guitar Playthrough]

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    DISPERSE guitarist and founder Jakub Zytecki is featured on the cover of the March issue of Poland's Gitarzysta Magazyn. The 24 year-old guitar prodigy joins a select group of players to grace Gitarzysta's cover that includes Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, J