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  • INFERIS introduce new guitarist Vicente Salucci (ex Six Magics)

    The band has commented:

    “We are sad to announce that our dear friend Alejandro Chinchón parted ways with the band due to personal reasons. We respect and support his decision, and hereby thank him for almost 9 years with us and for showing his disposition to keep helping the band. You will be able to listen to his riffs, solos and compositions once again in our next album currently in mixing phase.

    We also want to announce that an old friend is joining the band: Vicente Salucci (ex Six Magics). He also worked with us for a brief period in 2008.”

    Salucci comments:
“I’m happy to join a band that I’ve followed for over 12 years and most of all that is based in the city where I grew up”. 

    Watch the latest single, below: 

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